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I was reading fullasagoog today when I came across an entry comparing Laszlo to Flex.

I had never heard of Laszlo and decided I’d look into it a bit. Laszlo, as it turns out, is a J2EE server which processes an XML language to generate Flash content. Sounds a lot like Flex to me. One major difference: it’s open source. Cool. I haven’t yet played with Laszlo, but it’s now in my radar and I probably will, as soon as I finish the other 10,000 I’m working on. I did take a look at the demos though and they’re very impressive. Honestly, they seem a lot more impressive than some of the Flex examples I’ve seen.

LZX (the markup language) seems pretty straight forward. This is based on snippets of code I saw on the site compared to my recollections of MXML I’ve seen in the past.

One advantage I see to Laszlo is that it’s "free" and open source. I recently read about the "free" Flex licensing, but that seems awfully restricting as what I would want to develop would be intended to make me money in some way or another.

When I finally get to give this a try I’ll be sure to blog about it. Perhaps early next year. Sorry!

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  1. This is great news to hear. I too look forward to using this alternative.

    Thanks Doug for information! I was searching for a Flex alternative when I found this post. I hadn’t ever heard of this open source technology.

    Can’t wait to see your post after trying it.

    Thanks again.


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