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At the end of last week I posted a call for help in reproducing a bug in the Alagad Image Component. In the end no one could reproduce the bug. In the end I found and fixed two bugs and the Image Component. Version 2.11 is now available.

Description of Bug 1:

Files read by the Image Component were permanently locked. The only way to release the lock was to restart ColdFusion or the entire web server.

This was a result of having a <cfreturn> called before the one line of code which released the lock on the file. These lines of code were swapped and the problem went away.

Description of Bug 2:

Sometimes JPEG data was corrupted. In many applications the images would not display or would throw errors. In other applications the colors would appear incorrectly and the image might incorrectly appear to be CMYK

This bug was produced when creating or reading any image with transparency and writing to a JPEG. This is actually not technically a bug in that the JPEG standard allows for an alpha channel. However, almost all implementations of JPEG decoders do not support this. The problem was resolved by removing alpha channels from images before writing JPEG data.

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  1. Raymond Camden said:

    Doug, can you talk a bit more about bug 1?


  2. Doug Hughes said:

    Coming right up.


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