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8193 is the Magic Number

I’ve been semiconsciously following a train of emails at my office about a problem some clients have been having with cfsearch returning no results when, in fact, there should be matching data returned. Today a reason for the problem was revealed.

As this Macromedia TechNote indicates, Verity has an upper limit to the amount of data it can handle. Specifically, cfsearch will not return more than 8193 results. I’m not sure, but I suspect that what this means is that the result set can’t return more than that number of rows or that no more data than that can be indexed. I assume the former.

The TechNote indicates that the Verity engine has a limitation of 64,000 elements (rows times columns). If this number is exceeded, Verity throws an error and ColdFusion simply returns an empty result set.

The resolution to the problem is to provide the maxrows attribute on the cfsearch tag with a value of 8192.

I honestly don’t use Verity often. I think Lucene is superior. However, perhaps this will be useful to you.

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