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Learning UML

Earlier this month I bought the book entitled UML Weekend Crash Course, 15 Hour Weekend Crash Course by Thomas A. Pender. Although it’s hard for me to find an entire weekend to work though this book I’ve been reading chapters as I can. As a part of this process and to help me learn UML a bit better I’ve decided to create a number of blog entries on my experiences as I work though the book.

As I read the book I plan on blogging about various management and design processes and issues, including requirements gathering and the various UML diagrams. To help with this process I’ve decided to work on a project which readers of my blog can follow along with, comment about and provide feedback on. I’m hoping that this will turn into a community learning experience and that we can all learn something new together. When the project is complete I will release the resulting code as a free and open source Alagad product.

The project I plan to work on is an update to the search system on and The current existing system uses Lucene instead of Verity for indexing and searching. I created an extremely simple system to spider pages and pass content to Lucene for indexing. However, the system is inefficient, rigid, inflexible and tightly tied to Mach-II. The only part of the system I’ve been happy with is Lucene. (I dislike Verity and its spider only works on Windows.)

There are a number of things I would like to see in the new search system. These include improved content spidering, the ability to index document types such as Acrobat, Word, PowerPoint and others. I also would like have more flexible configuration settings and better and faster content summarizing.

Before I get started on the search project I intend to go over some fairly basic issues such as what UML is, various development methodologies, and the requirements gathering processes. I may touch on other related issues, but it’s hard to say at this point. This is a journey for me as much as the readers of my blog.

Interested in coming along for the ride?

The book I’m working with is UML Weekend Crash Course, 15 Hour Weekend Crash Course by Thomas A. Pender. (ISBN: 0-7645-4910-3.) The book is a bit dated in that the content covers UML 1.4 and indicates that UML version 2.0 is not expected "until spring of 2003". There might be a more recent version of the book, but I don’t know about it. The book I have should cover my needs in learning and understanding UML.

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  1. Sounds good Doug. I’m interested in hearing how it goes.


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