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As Joe Rinehart blogged recently, he and I are in Austin, Texas today and will be visiting the local CFUG. I will be speaking on how to use Java from ColdFusion.

In the spirit of the ColdFusion Community as a whole, I decided to post the presentation to my site. You can download the presentation here.

There are a number of example files which expect to be run from a CF enabled web server. The first examples are based on a ZIP component, complete with source. A second set of examples use the Alagad Image Component. To see the Image Component examples you will need to download the Alagad Image Component from and create a mapping named Image2 to the directory containing the image.cfc file.

I’m open to doing Breeze presentations of this for other user groups, if there’s an interest. I also have a few other presentations I need to post at some point.

I there are any specific topics you want me to write presentations on let me know and perhaps I will!

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  1. Christian Cantrell said:

    I hope the weather is better there in TX. When I woke up this morning, it was 12 degrees here in Northern Virginia.


  2. Joe Rinehart said:

    It’s not bad here…40s or so. Supposed to hit 60-70 later this week.

    It looks like things are going to be messy there in NoVa all week. Sorry about that. 😦


  3. Ben Wesley said:

    I am a Flash/CF programmer here in Austin. My buddy Jimmy Martinez saw your presentation this week, and told me about how you invoked the Java image manipulation libraries through CF. Sorry I missed the speech, since I am helping a guy who has a need for something like this. They run a CF system I haven’t learned yet, but will be upgrading to MX 2004 soon. He seems to have a need for a browser window to pop up and have the functionality for his customers to load their images up to a hosted server. I will know more specifics soon, but would that be something that those libraries would be useful for? Not to steal your work or product, but do you have any tips on how I might get started? Is there any reference paper(s) associated with your presentation here? Just curious.
    Ben Wesley


  4. Ben Wesley said:

    Sorry Doug,
    I just clicked more on your blog posting and saw the links to the reference materials. I will go through some of that stuff. Thanks for providing it!


  5. Doug Hughes said:


    I’m not quite sure I understood your question. From the sounds of it all you need to do is upload images to the server. This can easily be accomplished with the cffile tag.

    However, if you need to manipulate the image server side you might want to take a look at the Alagad Image Component (

    As a flash developer, you might be interested in seeing what you can do via Flash remoting to CF. In this case you would want to look into how to manipulate images using the Java APIs. In this case, a good place to get started with the API can be seen here:

    That link will get you started with the Java APIs. To use remoting you’ll need to wrap this functionality in a CFC. For that, my presentation might be some help.

    Good luck!



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