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The Chicken Comes First

I have avoided writing the next entry in my series on learning the UML for several weeks. I keep sitting down to write it but quickly get frustrated and give up. Today I tried to force myself to write the entry and I still came up empty handed. I’m running into a fundamental problem when teaching something: You’ve got to know the subject matter!

I planed to write an introductory entry which acted as a quick overview of the various types of UML diagrams. Unfortunately, this has not been as easy as I hoped it would be. The fact of the matter is that to write an introduction to something, you know to know more about it than I do (yet).

So, I’ve decided to skip this entry and to save it till last. When I’m done with all of my entries on the UML diagrams I will then write the diagram overview. After this is done I will piece all of the entries together into a short book and make it available freely on this website.

Look for the next entry to be on requirements gathering! Coming soon to this blog!

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  1. Paul Carney said:

    Stick with it Doug. Anything you come up with, even if it’s not in the proper pedagogical order, will still teach many people something new. A spark of an idea that causes folks to dig deeper into a subject means that you helped.

    I, for one, get many ideas from your writings.


  2. I admit what paul said…
    I am waiting for your UML Article to dig more into UML


  3. Doug Hughes said:

    Sorry I haven’t touched this in a few…. years. I really do need to get back on this.


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