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I will be presenting at Powered By Detroit! I’m excited to say that this is the first conference I’ve been asked to speak at. I’ve presented at ColdFusion and Macromedia User Groups, but never at a full fledged conference. I feel so… important! Either that, or the PBD guys had a 9:00 am slot to fill on the first day.

My presentation is entitled “CFC Crash Course” and it is a head-first introduction to ColdFusion Components. It covers everything from how to write and use a CFC, to variable scooping, tips, tricks, and more. I never really realized how much there is to know about CFCs till I started writing this. I even took lengths to avoid getting into object oriented techniques at all. I touch on the idea of encapsulation and show how to extend CFCs but I never even mention polymorphism.

Any how, I’m quite excited to be going to this and to be presenting too! I was hoping that I would sponsor it too. I was planning on getting a booth and bisecting it with a strip of tape. One half of my booth would have been Doug Hughes and The other half would have been Alagad specific. The PBD sponsor rates were very affordable. Unfortunately I just didn’t have enough time to get everything prepared and the printing costs would have added up quickly. I’ll probably do this next year.

I’m not sure if there will be a raffle on the last day like at CFUN. However, if I remember, I’ll see that there are a few free licenses for the Image Component and Captcha in the mix.

Another thing that’s got me geeked about this is that I used to live up in Michigan (in East Lansing). My wife’s family lives in the Ann Arbor area. We’ve been considering moving back up to Michigan for a while now. I’m hoping to meet some native Michigan ColdFusion coders and business owners. Who knows what will happen. If nothing else, it will be good to get a feel for the industry up there.

I hope to see you there!

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  1. Paul Carney said:

    That’s great news, Doug! I am glad that they finally found someone to fill that slot… :0

    You will do a great job. Let me know if you need any help reviewing your presentation from a viewer standpoint – I would be glad to help.


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