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An update to the Alagad Captcha Component has been released with several new and frequently requested enhancements. The update adds the following methods:

setAllowedFontList() – This method was added to create a white list of allowed fonts. It is intended to replace setIgnoredFontList() which has been deprecated.

getAllowedFontList() – Returns the list of allowed fonts.

setContrast() – This can be used to adjust the amount of contrast between background and foreground colors. This can be used to make the Captcha images easier to read.

getContrast() – This returns the contrast setting.

setSpotsEnabled() – This method can be used to control whether spots are shown in the Captcha image.

getSpotsEnabled() – This method returns the spots setting.

setInvert() – This method can be used to invert the image so that dark text is drawn on a light background.

getInvert() – This method returns the invert setting.

Also of note is that support for Blue Dragon has been removed.

To download the latest version, please visit

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  1. David Fekke said:


    It is great to see these much needed improvements to Captcha. I will begin recommending this my users here in Jacksonville.


  2. Doug Hughes said:

    David, Thanks for the good words! Let me know if you have any additional requests.


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