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Getting Back To UML

If you had been following my series on UML, you might be aware that I haven’t published anything on it in quite a while. Unfortunately, I got wrapped up in a few other projects which took up all of my time. Now that I’m done with my distractions, I’m going to be getting back to writing these entries on UML.

To recap where we’ve been, you might want to visit these previous entries:

Why So Many Software Projects Fail and What You Can Do About It This entry covers a few reasons why software projects tend to fail and gives some strategies for avoiding failure.

Learning UML This entry explains a bit of my motivation for learning UML. I also cover the details of a Search API I will be architecting and then building while learning about UML.

What Is UML? This entry covers what UML is and the purposes behind using UML

Acquire Your Requirements This entry covers some strategies for gathering application requirements. Good requirements help you create good UML diagrams and help avoid some of the reasons software projects tend to fail.

UML: Use Case Diagrams In this entry I make my first attempt and explaining and using UML Use Case Diagrams. Uses Case diagrams are used to analyze and illustrate the functionality of the system.

UML: Use Case Diagrams Revisited After my initial entry on Use Case diagrams I received some feedback. As a result of that feedback I decided to revise some of the diagrams created in the first Use Case Diagrams entry. (Read both!)

At the end of my last entry on UML I noted some changes which needed to be made to my requirements document. These changes have now been made. The updated requirements document can be downloaded in PDF format below.

You may also be interest to know that I’ve more or less stopped reading the UML Weekend Crash Course book. I found that it really wasn’t very informative. It had a lot of pretty pictures but no advice on how to think about UML. Since then I purchased the book UML A Beginners Guide by Jason T. Roff (ISBN: 0-07-222460-6). I like this one quite a bit more.

My next entry will probably be on Class Diagrams! As always, if you have any thoughts, feedback, criticisms, or flames, please feel free to leave a comment.

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