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I’ve been working feverously, as of late, to get everything in order for my impending trip to Major Metropolitan Detroit where I will be presenting on ColdFusion Components at the Powered by Detroit conference. Subsequent to the conference, I will be vacationing and visiting familial relations in mid Michigan.

The Powered by Detroit conference has been partitioned into three tracks, Foundations, Design and Server-Side. My presentation, "CFC Crash Course – An Introduction to CF Components," is first one Saturday morning (at 9am!) on the Server-Side track. The PBD website has the following description of my presentation:

CFC Crash Course is a headfirst dive into the world of ColdFusion Components. The course covers a wide range of information on CFCs starting from what a CFC is to how to write and use one. Also covered are some best practices, tips and practical information for working with CFCs.

This is my first time presenting at a conference like this and I’m really quite excited! I have spoken at a few ColdFusion and Macromedia User Groups, but never anything of this caliber. I’m hoping that despite its 9am schedule, there’s a good turn out . Maybe there will even be hecklers! (But don’t get any ideas!)

If you happen to sit in on it, please be sure to ask questions. There’s nothing quite as unnerving as standing in front of a completely silent room! (Do they really get it all?!)

Beyond me blathering about CFCs, there will be a number of recognizable names in the ColdFusion and Flash communities wandering around. Out of fear of offending anyone, and out of the desire not to list all the names, I’m simply going to refer you to the speakers page on the Powered By Detroit website. Let it suffice to say that there will be a high concentration of very smart and talented people. (Let’s hope the conference isn’t hit by a meteorite or the whole Internet will be set back a few months!)

Lastly, I’m burning about 50 to 75 CDs of the Alagad Image Component and will be handing them out to participants. If you want to get your very own (demo) copy, track me down and I’ll hook you up. I’ll have a laptop with me and will give demonstrations and answer questions if requested.

Lastly lastly, an associate of mine has asked me to see if I can find a highly tallented web developer with lots of experience with Dreamweaver, Contribute and ColdFusion who doesn’t mind being paid lots of money to work from home. If this is you, track me down!

If you’ve not yet bought your tickets you’d better get moving! You’ve only got a few days left! Go register now!

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