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I Need Contractors!

I’m glad to say, business seem to be booming. In fact, I may have rather over booked myself. Thus, I am beginning to look for two to three contractors to help me out on two rather large projects for three months. Without getting into detail, I am ideally looking for two extremely talented ColdFusion programmers who can dedicate 40 or more hours a week. I will also consider one full time and two part time programmers. All work will be done remotely with no onsite presence at all.

These programmers will need to have experience working with Mach-II and/or Model-Glue. At least one of these applications will be based around Model-Glue and (maybe Service-Glue bonus points if you tell me what this is in your cover letter). The other application may be more ad-hoc in structure. Both applications will be primarily CFC based.

The contractors will be receiving instructions in the form of UML diagrams and requirements documents. The developers will be responsible for creating the needed classes and Unit Tests (using Paul Kenny’s CFCUnit).

The contractor must have a strong understanding, in particular, of data persistence design patterns. Currently the databases for these projects will be MSSQL.

I would like to find some of the best in the business for these projects! If you fit the bill, send me your resume at . When you send your resume, please include in your cover letter a few good reasons I should choose you over the rest of the competition and your required hourly rate.


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  1. Ben Forta said:

    Awesome, glad to hear it! 🙂


  2. Sami Hoda said:


    If you’ve been following the Mach II Mailing List, then you must have seen my frustrations in finding good people with Mach II experience.

    Mach II has been here for a couple years and I’m having no luck, so I can only wish you best of luck finding people with Service Glue knowledge!



  3. Brandon Harper said:


    I’ve noticed on your posting that you are only looking for candidates in Southern Cali– sometimes it takes more than a regional search to find the best person for the job. If you are really that desperate to find decent Mach-II folks, you might try expanding your search area?

    People can also learn new things– be willing to take in a good, eager CF developer that you can train if you can’t find someone with the experience you are looking for?


  4. Doug Hughes said:


    First off, I’ll take anyone with Model-Glue *or* Mach-II experiance. In all honesty, I’d take anyone who can convince me they can do the job.

    Furthermore, Service-Glue is not a requirement. It is a bonus – if they can tell me what it is. As far as I know, no one has ever used SG anywhere!

    Anyhow, thanks for the feedback.


  5. Sami Hoda said:

    Ahhh… now we’re coming to the point! Thus the other entry in the Mach II Mailing List about documentation and aptitude for CF developers.

    Brandon, we’re looking for anyone able to understand Mach II and OO, with very little luck so far.

    Once we have our core team together, we’re VERY open to outsourcing the rest to anyone, anywhere. At this point, I do think its wiser to build that small core team, standardize on verbage and processes, then outsource (if necessary).

    Doug, we’re on the same boat. If I myself wasn’t working overtime, I would have loved to gain more experience with Model Glue.



  6. If I didn’t have a Job already I’d email you right away Doug – though I fit in the category of "nobody has used service-glue".

    And to Sami – if I lived in S. Ca still I would have sent in my resume.

    It doesn’t seem like most of the people who read the common CF related blogs (or mailing lists) are unemployed or looking for work though.

    Good luck to you both in your hunt.


  7. Solomon Folks said:

    Sami & Doug,

    It appears that we are all in the same boat. I am also in southern california looking for a part-time Mach-II developer to work with us remotely on a project. At this point I would take anyone with a pulse that can spell Mach as the coldfusion community seems full of gainfully employed developers. And if they are not already employed they don’t have the skills to complete the work. Too bad though, I was really hoping the the negatives surrounding the ColdFusion community turned out to be false. We have taken steps to make sure that we do not take on or suggest CF to any of our clients. God help us all.


  8. Bill Rawlinson said:

    That is really sad Solomon. CF is about as easy of a language as their is to learn. Plus, it is exceptionally easy to take a product from idea to implementation quickly with CF – even with just basic skills. (of course, that depends on the project).

    Just because you can’t find anyone who knows CF doens’t mean you can’t find someone who could learn it quickly.


  9. Doug Hughes said:

    As a note, I havn’t had a hard time finding contractors. I think I have two advantages. I don’t care about their location and I’m not requiring them to know Model-Glue or Mach-II. I have required strong CF experiance.

    I know that a lot of companies don’t even advertise that they want CF programmers. They tend to hire strong Java programmers and retrain them (which takes about 5 minutes).



  10. hmmmm I like this post but I would love to see some on how to save on construction costs in this tough market


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