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I wanted to take a moment and let you know that you could be in sunny Florida! I just wrapped up work on a new travel site which auctions off travel packages. All packages are currently 80% off retail value. You can save lots of money by referring people too.

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me explain a bit about how the site works. auctions off vacation, attraction and cruise packages in Florida. All auctions start at 80% off their retail value and run for one week. There are no reserves on the auctions. The price you bid is the price you win for, assuming you place the winning bid. There are no hidden fees, no extra taxes, nothing.

The coolest thing (for you, not me) is that we currently don’t have much traffic to the site. That means there not many people competing against your bids. Thus, at least for now, if you place the minimum bid, you’re very likely to win.

In fact, we have 5 auctions which are currently listed on the site that have failed (not had any bids placed on them) two weeks in a row. That means if you wanted, for example, sailing lessons you could probably get them for a couple hundred bucks. Wow!

Another cool thing is the friend referral program. Each friend you refer who creates an account with gives you a $5 credit towards any auction. It’s not inconceivable that you could get an entirely free stay somewhere.

Case and point: We have 7 active auctions right now starting at less than $100. If you refer 20 friends and they all create an account (and nothing more, but we hope they’ll bid), you’ll have $100 in credits and you’ll get your auction for free if you place the winning bid. Unused credits can be applied to future bids.

So, go to right now, refer some friends, and place a bid!

One other interesting note: was built using the highly esteemed Model-Glue framework in less than two months by a team of three talented developers.

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