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I just wanted to make a very quick post to indicate that the Reactor has been updated, but not yet published. The latest version can be downloaded from the BER. A lot has changed and I just don’t have time to go into it. If you’re using the earlier alphas a lot has changed. Sorry!

I hope to get the time to write a blog entry about what’s changed and what’s new this weekend. In the meantime, those who are not week of heart can introspect the public objects and take a look at the testDb.cfm file to get some ideas as to where to start.

Next up: MySQL (just around the corner!) support and official documentation (this is going to take forever to write!).

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  1. Joo Fernandes said:

    Very nice update to the framework.

    Doug just a question, when you have your table product and do getInvoicequery() shouldn’t it return a query of invoices? Actually it gives you a mix of invoices with invoice_product, is this the expected behavior? since getInvoiceArray returns an array of InvoiceRecords shouldn’t getInvoiceQuery return invoices lines (a TO)?

    Just my 0.02


  2. Doug Hughes said:

    Joo – Thanks for the complements. You’re right about the getXyzQuery() method. It should return only a query of the named table and not any data from the linking table. Unfortunately time was the winner here. Look for this to be an eventual update.

    And no, I won’t ever have the getXyzQuery() methods return TOs. The rows themselves could be used for that purpose, but they won’t explicitly be TOs.

    Thanks for the feedback. Wow, I need to write some documentation. I’m very impressed with how far into it you’ve gotten without any!


  3. Joo Fernandes said:

    Well, no documentation was needed since your code is very clean to read. I just had to generate a bunch of objects and read a bit of the generated code.
    Once you get what is beeing generated, it’s quite easy to follow 😉


  4. Brandon Whitehall said:

    Could you please include the link to the Reactor code in the BER?


  5. Joo Fernandes said:

    Brandon, I think the only updated version of reactor is available in a subversion repository : svn:// .


  6. Doug Hughes said:

    Joo is right, it’s only avaliable in the BER. As *soon* as I can, I’ll make a new download and publish a tutorial on getting started with Reactor. With work and vacations this is just taking forever to get to.


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