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Model-Glue .NET

Earlier this year, as Joe was working furiously on Model-Glue, I ported the .8 version of MG to .NET. Now, I’ve never actually used it for anything, but I few people have requested the source code and I thought it couldn’t hurt to publicly oblige.

So, for all those who have requested the source it can now be downloaded (see below). If I remember, I’ll see if Joe minds if I add it under the MG bleeding edge Subversion repository.

Model-Glue .NET is an implementation of the Front Controller MVC design pattern (as explained here by Microsoft .)

Now, to be honest, it’s been many, many months since I looked at this last. I don’t remember what the heck I did or how well it worked. I don’t remember much of anything. (I worked at ASI then, I blocked most of that time period out.) So, if you’ve got a question, there’s a good chance I can’t answer it.

The zip I uploaded is made up of these projects:

ModelGlue This is the Model-Glue framework for .NET. This is roughly equal to the .8 version of the ColdFusion version. If I remember correctly you’ll need to refer to this project any apps you create. There are some other useful documents under this project. Look at them!

ModelGlueApplicationTemplate This is a web project which is intended to mimic the application template that comes with the CF version. Chances are you’ll need to create a new web project and then copy stuff from this. Make note: you’ll want to take a close look at the web.config file. There’s a line or two in there which set the path to the config file and that the Index.aspx file is supposed to be handled by ModelGlue.

NameUpperCaser This is a sample web project. Use this to see a sample implementation of Model-Glue .NET.

Sorry, but there’s no documentation. I’m not sure there ever will be. It depends on if I ever get motivated to move beyond what I’ve done so far.

If anyone actually uses this and has any material feedback, please add a comment or two.

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  1. Matthew Petty said:

    Cool. Thx.


  2. thanks a lot for this great app 🙂
    but, on the ModelGlue project there are few missing .cs files
    can you check for this please



  3. lakeside said:

    how is Scopefacade generated
    and some explaination of some files in model


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