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Quick Reactor Update

I pushed a small update of Reactor up to Subversion last night. This new version fixes some oddities related to queries of linked tables from Record objects. Also, I finally got around to minimally testing Reactor with a SQL 2005 database. No problems to report. I suppose that means that means that next I will be adding support for MySQL and other databases systems which should be a relative piece of cake.

After that, it’s documentation. This’ll take forever. I don’t mind writing the documentation; it’s just that this is the most extensive system I’ve ever attempted to document. There’s just so many subtleties to catch. The cool thing is that all the examples I write from the docs will be turned into unit tests!

The last thing I need to do is write unit tests. I really need to do this so that I can learn some of the subtleties myself. Like, for instance, with the new configuration file you can define relationships to other objects. If you assign an alias to that relationship I need to document just exactly how that behaves. Right now, I just try things in code till they work which means there are probably subtle bugs in there somewhere.

The SVN bleeding edge repository is here: svn://

Anyone care to help write some tests or add support for their favorite DBMS?

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  1. Tormod Boga said:

    First off: Great work Doug!

    I have tried several tools for automating DAO/Gateway creation (Arf!/ObjectBreeze/Transfer etc) but none have fulfilled my needs yet.
    Before giving up, I tried your svn code for Reactor, and I found it (almost) perfect for my needs. I spent no more than 5 minutes getting it up and running, even though there isn’t much documentation yet..

    The features that made it stand out from the rest (in my eyes) are:

    – Possibility of running in different modes (can create "real" CFC’s, or do it "on the fly")
    – When creating CFC’s, it creates one extra for your own customized code
    – Easy to understand XML configuration
    – Built in validation, but also option of adding custom validation

    To sum it up.. I love this tool, and I am sure going to use it in my current project (our new CMS software built with Mach-II) even though its still in early development stages..

    Looking forward to see some more documentation, and I hope that those doc’s will help more people understand how great this tool is.

    Please let me know if you think there is anything I can help you with, Doug. I love this tool already, and would help if there is anything I can do to make it even better.


  2. Doug Hughes said:

    Tormod – Thanks for the kind words! I know it’s been slow progress so far, but you’ll see some things taking shape by mid January, I think.


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