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ColdFusion Consultant Needed

I have a need for an experienced and highly qualified ColdFusion Consultant. I need to put this contact into a direct relationship (IE: not though myself or Alagad) with another consulting company. This other company is providing consulting services to a large third party organization.

What I need is to find a consultant who can go onsite with the third party and take a look at their servers and applications. They need to performance tune their servers and provide answers as to why the client is having issues. Presumably these issues relate to ColdFusion server stability and/or performance problems. (I should know more details on this tomorrow.)

Here’s a little background on the situation you would be going into. The third party has about 30 in-house developers. They’re not small by most measures. I understand that most of their development is in ColdFusion and SQL (presumably Microsoft SQL). Also, it’s assumed that their software is primarily for internal use and not for public consumption.

The criteria you need to match are as follows:

  • You have done this type of work in the past
  • You could hop on a plane next week and could spend up to a week onsite with the third party
  • Can make meaningful suggestions to improve the third party’s systems and application stability and reliability
  • You are charging a reasonable rate. Please keep in mind that this is a subcontracting opportunity and your rate can not be so high that no one else can make any money
  • You are honest and trust worthy

If you’re a match send me an email and a resume at and let me know why I should pick you.

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  1. Scott Stroz said:

    I’ll do it for $1,000,000,000.

    That should be enough for all involved to be happy 🙂

    Seriously, though, if I had the time, I’d jump at teh opportunity.


  2. Doug,

    Give me a hollar. I think I can help you out.


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