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Today I released Reactor 0.6 which adds support for MySQL. I know this works with MySQL 5.1, I presume it works with older version it this has not yet been tested.Knowing that Reactor has MySQL support doesn’t do you one bit of good if you don’t know how to use Reactor. Unfortunately there’s still no documentation. Sorry! However, tomorrow I’m going to write a crash course on getting started with Reactor. In the meantime you can get the latest code from the bleeding edge repository. This version includes a configuration file and some test code which should make using Reactor rather self-explanatory to many of you.

I promise to fix this shortcoming very soon.

This leads me to my next announcement, there’s a new Wiki for Reactor (this was smapped badly and removed). This is linked from the left navigation menu on This is just really a starting point for easily creating useful material to help Reactor users get started. Over time this will probably become a section of a larger Reactor-focused site. Please feel free to edit the Reactor site and add your wisdom to it.

Lastly, I’ve created a mailing list for Reactor: To subscribe send a message to with “subscribe” as its subject. I’m on there and I’m sure others will be too before long. Hopefully this will become a resource to Reactor users.

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