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Please join the Online ColdFusion Meetup group for this FREE event, the second of two ColdFusion talks by Doug Hughes.

Doug Hughes will present on Reactor, a new persistence framework he has been working on. Reactor is an “Inline Dynamic Database Abstraction Generator”. What this means is that by using Reactor you can dynamically generate database objects on the fly in your code as needed. Additionally, these objects will be rewritten as your database changes. Reactor is simple, quick and powerful.

Time and Date:

This meeting will be on Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 12:00 (noon) US/Eastern time. Please refer to: http://www.timezoneconverter .com

About Doug Hughes:

Doug Hughes is the president of Alagad Inc and author of the Alagad Image Component. Alagad, which was founded in 1996, is a successful small business with clients around the world. Alagad specializes in web related services, consulting and development. Doug has spent many years "in the trenches" of web development. He has expertise in ColdFusion and many other technologies. Doug speaks at ColdFusion user groups, and frequently publishes technical articles on a wide range of topics on his website,


Thursday, January 19, 2006, 12:00 PM

Presentation URL:



Please RSVP for this meeting. See the URL below for the Breeze Meeting room at If you’ve never used Macromedia Breeze, get a quick overview (watch the spaces): sources/breeze/brz_attend/

This meeting will be recorded and available for playback later. Attending live is more fun, you can ask questions, and you can participate in any give-aways that occur. The URL for the recording will be posted here on the message board after the meeting is over.

The OCFMG is now officially registered as an Adobe User Group! As an Adobe UG, they will give away one copy of Adobe ColdFusion MX 7.01 Standard Edition, or Adobe software of equal to or lesser value as the winner desires.

Comments on: "Thursday – OCFMG Presentation on Reactor For ColdFusion" (11)

  1. Hey Doug:

    THE RSVP URL is broken sources/breeze/brz_attend/


  2. David,

    if you remove the space in the word resources. re sources should be resources.


  3. John Farrar said:

    Do you have a link to this? (Recorded?)


  4. Scott Krebs said:

    Steven Erat’s blog has a few links, scroll down to Jan 19:

    The specific link is

    Make sure to use IE, Firefox wasn’t feeling it.


  5. sophek Tounn said:


    Excellent Presentation, although, IE and Firefox keeps crashing towards the end of the presentation. I just want to tell you that after veiwing your presenation I’m now 1/3 done in converting my code to use reactor in less then 4 hours.

    Thanks for an awesome product.



  6. Doug Hughes said:

    Sorry the link keeps crashing. At least the first half worked for me the other day. Not sure what to say there… call Adobe?

    Anyhow, glad you’re digging Reactor. Please,join the mailing list. Contribute to the project. Become part of the community!


  7. Is there somewhere i can download the presentation from as the breeze feed is quite slow and audio and presentation go out of sync.



  8. Doug Hughes said:

    Quiksilv – Sorry, but I don’t think so. I don’t know of anyone to talk to either.


  9. John Crosby said:

    I’m looking for some help getting Reactor running. Is there a forum or
    something that is available.

    Every time I set up a project or sample I get the following error:
    All of my mappings and config seem to be correct.

    The value returned from function init() is not of type

    What am I missing in the set up?


    – John


  10. Doug Hughes said:

    I suggest the reactor mailing list. Send a message to with subscribe in the subject. This should do the trick for you!

    Its the best place to get help.


  11. I tried to subscribe reactor mailing list (emailed to with subject “subscribe” ), but kept on getting “Sorry, you do not have permission to post to the mailing list.”.
    how to subscribe the mailing list?



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