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Due to popular request Ive finally gotten a moment to publish the links to my two recent Online ColdFusion Meetup Group.

The first presentation was on the Alagad Image and Captcha Components. This presentation went rather well. It provided an overview of the capabilities and a demonstration of both components.

You can see a recording of the presentation here:

My second presentation was on Reactor for ColdFusion, a ORM framework which generates customizable data persistence code on the fly. This was my largest presentation to date with roughly 60 people attending. The presentation really only scratched the surface of Reactor, but its a good starting point.

Heres the link for that presentation:

I really enjoy speaking, though it can be quite exhausting!

Comments on: "My Recent OCFMG Presentations" (5)

  1. Sean Corfield said:

    I missed the Alagad preso – sorry – but thoroughly enjoyed the Reactor preso! Excellent updates over the last week too (to the code base) – my example app is now much, much cleaner and the caveats that I had in my Objects & Persistence have now been removed (the load by fields and the simple sorting on get all enhancements addressed my only two issues!).


  2. Doug Hughes said:

    Sean – Thanks! I’m giving this my all. I hope that Reactor has the opportunity to reach it’s full potential.


  3. Dave Shuck said:

    Doug I just posted my review after 1 Day with Reactor on my blog ( in case you care. :)).

    In it I linked to the Breeze presentation, and a reader noticed that it now requires a login. Is there any way for general public to view it now?


  4. Dave Shuck said:

    Doug, nevermind! You can remove my post. I had accidentally linked to the first Breeze preso in the post which does require authentication. Sorry for the bother.


  5. Doug Hughes said:

    Dave – no problem!


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