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More Reactor Quickies

Some very generous people have been putting a lot of time into Reactor, ColdSpring and Model-Glue recently. There have been quite a lot of exciting advances recently. Heres a quick rundown of them:

Sean Corfield has spent quite a bit of time adding <cftimer> tags and running tests to identify bottlenecks in Reactor. Hes already found and fixed a few critical speed issues. According to him, hell be spending a lot of time this week working on this. More on this as it develops. The current enhancements are in Subversion.

Clayton Partridge donated support for PosgreSQL. In addition to that he also updated the Contact Manager and Reactor Blog sample applications to work on Posgres! (Note: I had to edit the Blog app and didnt test it. If you have problems its my fault not his!)

Beth Bowden has been diligently working on adding support for Oracle. There were some hold-ups related to some needed changes to the framework and my inattentiveness to email. However, I hope to see this by early next week.

I started work on DB2 support a few weeks ago. With luck Ill find time to finish this up. Anyone interested in taking over? Its not that hard!

The ColdSpring guys added support to allow factory-bean and factory-method attributes in a bean definition. This means that you can specify beans that are actually created by external factories such as Reactor.

Sean submitted an update to Model-Glue (which has been committed) which allows you to autowire Model-Glue via ColdSpring with objects created from external factories. This means you could, for example, autowire your controller with a specific reactor-generated gateway. More (informed) information is available on Seans blog.

Sean Baracus Corfield has also been working with the ColdSpring guys to add support for adding AOP to Reactor Generated objects. That would be amazing. I sure hope this comes to be!

The bottom line of this is that Reactor is heating up. The alpha almost over. Reactor is maturing and is becoming a big hit! What exciting times for ColdFusion!

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  1. Sean Corfield said:

    The ColdFusion AOP changes to support proxying a Reactor-generated object have been committed. I’m working through some other, related ColdSpring issues (which shouldn’t affect Reactor support).

    I just trashed my Eclipse install so I’m moving to 3.2M5 and will need to rebuild my dev env so I may be a little slow to commit things to SVN for a few hours 🙂


  2. Chris Scott said:

    Slow down Sean, you’re gonna hurt yourself! Man we better start calling you Sean Brown, or James Corfield, your the hardest working man if cf-business! We all appreciate your work more than I think anyone could say, thanks!


  3. Doug Hughes said:

    Sean – I had no idea! How cool is that?

    Chris – I totaly agree. This guy basically keeps three or four frameworks running. What a guy!


  4. Harry Klein said:

    maybe this great Comparison of different SQL implementations is helpful for some DB porting tasks:

    Steve Bryants Datamgr CFCs are also very nice:


  5. Michael J. Dyer said:

    I’m sure that Sean probably already knows about this, but I like to use the IBM high resolution timer java objects for figuring out performance bottlenecks. CF only goes down to 10ms so you’ll get entries that are 10ms or 0ms but nothing in-between. The IBM high resolution timer solves this by letting you go down to the microseconds.


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