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Are you a creative person who wants to support Reactor (an open source ORM framework for ColdFusion) and who also wants to get about $400 in free stuff? If so, read on to learn about the Reactor design contest…

There are two separate contests. You can enter either one or both.

Reactor Logo Design Contest

The goal of this contest is to design a logo for Reactor. The logo will be distributed with Reactor, will be displayed on the yet-to-be-created Reactor project page, and wherever else needed. The Reactor project page will be a new section added to and will have the same design, colors, and general layout. Ideally the logo wouldn’t look out of place on such a page.

You have full creative license when designing the logo.

Reactor Blog Design Contest

Reactor comes with a blog sample application. Currently the default installation uses the same styles and images as my blog. The goal of this contest is to modify the stylesheet and provide images to make a nice default design for Reactor Blog.

You can edit any file in ReactorBlog you want to accomplish your goals, but I would prefer that nothing functional change. (That’s up to you.)


I will create a blog entry for both contests to display the various submissions I receive. I will open up the comments where people will be able to vote for one of the designs. After 48 hours I’ll total up the votes to see who wins and make an announcement on my blog.

If, for whatever reason, there’s no votes or a tie I’ll be the ultimate judge making the decision.

The Loot

If you win one of the contests you could win all this stuff:

  1. Licenses for the Alagad Image, Captcha, and Zip Components
  2. 6 Months of hosting for ReactorBlog with  This is a $120 value.  For details see
  3. $125 in free stuff at (donated by myself and the contest sponsors)

That’s roughly $400 worth of stuff! And, if you enter both contests you could win twice!

The Deadline

Submissions will be accepted until Monday, March 27th 2006 in the morning. On Monday I will create two blog entries which highlight the entries I receive and voting will commence for 2 days.

The Sponsors

The Reactor Design Contest was supported by the following companies and people:

Alagad – Alagad is my own company. Through Alagad I sell the various Alagad components and contract and consult clients in ColdFusion (and other) development.

SystemsForge – Generating custom web applications. With the SystemsForge active application generator you can generate close to 100% of web applications including persistence, business logic, facades and UI. Easy re-use of metadata across n-projects, and the ability to change anything in the application. Product launch September 1st, 2006. Best of all, we’re going to tell you how we do it, so you can build your own generators for free! Sign up at SystemsForge ( to keep up with the latest ideas – for free.

Jabico Enterprises, LLC – Jabico is a well rounded company, offering highly maintainable web-site and web-application development, search engine optimization and marketing, and information security consulting services. In addition, Jabico provides developer-centric web hosting solutions inlcuding Cold Fusion, PHP, ASP.Net, ASP, MySQL, MSSQL, etc… through it’s subsidery Sasquatch also provides DSL and Dial-up services throughout the western United States

Chris Blackwell

And another person who wishes to remain anonymous

I look forward to seeing all the terrific entries.

Comments on: "Announcing the Reactor Design Contest – Win $400 in free stuff" (9)

  1. Scott Stroz said:


    Makes me wish I had some creative ability.


  2. Josh Tynjala said:

    How would you like to receive submissions?


  3. Doug Hughes said:

    Josh – That’s a rather valid question! Please send them to me via email at A subject of Reactor Contest (or something like that) would be helpful.

    So far I’ve recieved only one logo submission and no blog submissions.



  4. Christopher Smith said:

    Can we enter more than once for the logo contest?

    I have a created bunch of different versions of the logo that I’d like to submit(perhaps I could send a large image with all the logos included?


  5. Trond Ulseth said:

    Doug, where can I download the latest version of ReactorBlog?


  6. Joo Fernandes said:

    Trond you can get it from the SVN repository at


  7. Doug Hughes said:

    Christopher – I’m going to say no to multiple submissions. I think it’s unfair that one person might submit several optiosn while another only submits one. It seems to throw the competition off balance a bit.

    However, you can submit once for both the logo and for the reactor blog contest.

    Trond – I’ve published a new zip file with the latest and greatest code here:


  8. Rachel Maxim said:

    Hi Doug
    Do you want the designs submitted as final html/css files, or just graphic comps ready to be sliced and diced?


  9. Stephen Crooker said:



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