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A client of mine is looking for a Lead Technical Design consultant in New York City. This would be a 7 month contract and (at least in my opinion) looks to pay rather well.

The contract is to help architect and develop a real-time commuter-rail Crew Dispatching application. The system has a web based ColdFusion created user interface. Its backed up by Oracle and runs on Unix.

Heres the unedited job description:

My Client in NYC is looking for a Lead Technical Design consultant for development of a web/Oracle UNIX environment, real-time commuter-rail Crew Dispatching application. design code test in cold fusion for front end development tool and oracle 9iDb as back end database for new web based commuter rail crew Mgt system to reside on unix platform. must have experience doing something similar to this, project design and management skills needed know payroll interface functionality work with consultants full time staff and customers prepare full functional and data integration with VSAM CICS.

To apply for this position please send your resume to me at Ill forward it on to my client.

Please be aware that Im not the decision maker. I have no control over it. In many ways Im just a middle man helping to gather resumes.

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  1. Jeff Mayer said:


    Congrats on the baby. Best wishes to you and your wife.

    We are also looking to hire someone here at Foresite. A full time on-site developer to work in Hollywood, FL.


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