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To those users of Reactor who make use of the Bleeding Edge version in the Reactor subversion repository: the repository has been moved to a new home.

The repository used to be available at svn://  This repository is no longer available and will be removed shortly. 

Instead, the repository is generously being hosted by Simeon Bateman at  

The move serves a few purposes.  First, people behind restrictive firewalls at work will now be able to access the bleeding edge reactor code. Second, Simeon knows a lot more about Subversion than I do.  His help will be very valuable!  Third, he also provide support for Trac, a project management tool that is tightly integrated with subversion.

I’m still working on the Track site, but you can get to it here:  I plan to use this site to provide people with a clear roadmap for the project, a bug tracking tool and more.  This site isn’t yet ready for prime time, but it will get there soon.

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  1. Nick Tong said:

    Great – thanks for letting us at it Doug. It’s a very impressive framework.


  2. Enrico Bernardi said:

    even though I am new to subversion I think I have to:
    svn checkout http:://
    to get the version in the repository.
    However I get:
    svn: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/reactor/trunk’
    svn: PROPFIND of ‘/reactor/trunk’: Could not parse response status line. (

    Any help?
    Thank you for the great job.


  3. Leomar Uztariz said:

    Doug, I have a question, when do you expect to have an almost complete (or complete) documentation of all topics of the Reactor Framework, I have the latest document from and it is not complete yet, I know the effort and time you are dedicating to this but would be cool to have a more complete version to read more about all the powerful features that Reactor has. Comgratulations and keep going further with this project, you are doing an amazing job with it.


  4. Doug Hughes said:

    Leomar – The completed documentation will be done before a 1.0 release. I’ve been working on refreshing the documentation, but there’s a long way to go.


  5. Leomar Uztariz said:

    Thanx Doug, i wrote the question beacause a have planned to use Reactor in the next project of the company i’m working so i’m almost sure that we will need a complete documentation for Reactor to be able to use all Reactor features, and as i said before Congratulations and keep going… this is a really powerful framework that will change the way we code Coldfusion


  6. Aaron Conran said:

    Tried to get the latest version of reactor off of this link for the last few days with no such luck. Where can I get the latest/bleeding edge version?


  7. Doug Hughes said:


    FYI, the system had just been updated when you posted this message. Apparently there was a problem. Please try again.


  8. For those of us who want to get reactor but can’t use subversion do to so do we have any options, because as far as I can tell I can’t download reactor anywhere?


  9. Just found it please ignore my last


  10. Aaron Conran said:

    Paul –

    You should note that zip will be 6 months old on Thursday. I would also like to see a weekly, monthly or ‘fairly’ stable build zipped up and put somewhere on a regular basis.


  11. Doug Hughes said:

    Paul / Aaron – Can you add a ticket about this (if there’s not already one) on the Trac site? I want to do this, but have not yet found the time.


  12. I don’t suppose we could get the zip updated to 1.0 anytime soon can we, because as of right now I have no way of getting my hands on 1.0 thanks to company proxies and install restrictions…


  13. Doug Hughes said:

    Paul, there is no 1.0 yet. It’s still alpha. If you’re going by the trac site, it’s out of date. I havn’t had time to update the target dates and they (anoyingly) rolled over on their own.


  14. Matt Hall-Smith said:

    Hi Doug,

    Pulling together our first real app using Reactor. Keep up the great work.

    Been tracking the speed jump comments on the newsgroup and have gone to svn to download latest but reactorSVN is asking for a logon and password. What credentials are needed for the svn import ?

    (Using TortoiseSVN)


  15. Doug Hughes said:

    Matt – The repo allows anonymous read access. You shouldn’t require a username or password.


  16. I, too, am getting the error:
    Error: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/reactor/tags/1.0BC2’
    Error: PROPFIND of ‘/reactor/tags/1.0BC2’: could not connect to server (

    Any advice?


  17. Okay, I’m an idiot. Damn proxy server…


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