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As I’ve said in the past, we’re getting pretty close to a beta from Reactor. As a part of this, I’m trying to formalize the development process for reactor to make it a little less ad-hoc than it has been. To support this, I need to ask for a couple volunteers from the crowd to take ownership of specific things, listed below.

Unit Tests

I was wondering if there were any experts in unit testing out there. I’m interested in creating a set of unit tests that can easily be run on all of the supported DBMS. Essentially I want to create one set of tests that can be run on all of the DBs. The point of this is two-fold. 1) To prove that reactor behaves the same with all supported DBMS and 2) For regression testing as changes and bug fixes are added to Reactor. I plan for the unit tests to be supported and extremely important to reactor as we move forward. Reactor is getting too big and too complicated to safely make changes the way I have been.

Nightly Builds

I would like to ask a volunteer to write an ANT script (or something akin to one). What I want this to do is, on a nightly basis, check to see if there are any new commits to the Subversion repository. If there are, it would check out all of the source code and the unit tests and run all the unit tests on all of the supported DBMS. A report would be generated which included the results of the tests. Additionally it would (might?) create a zip file for that nightly build that anyone can download if they want. The purpose of this is to keep a running tab on the quality of the project and to allow easy access to the history of the project. I’m open to suggestions on this.

Test Server

Is there anyone out there in hosting who would be willing to donate an old server that we could install ColdFusion on as well as all of the supported DBMS systems? It doesn’t need to be a nice server, it just needs to work well enough. I expect that this server would not be publicly available and that it would only run the development versions of all of the software. I have licenses for windows that I can provide. (Maybe this should be a dual boot or a virtualized system so that the tests can be run on linux too? Once again – I have licenses.) Anyone willing to help with this? (Please!)
Presumably these three people would work closely together.

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  1. Jochem van Dieten said:

    I can pick up the Ant part as of mid-June.


  2. Doug Hughes said:

    Jochem – Can you drop me a line via email and we’ll discuss? dhughes[at] should do the trick.


  3. Thomas Weidman said:


    Have you had any luck obtaining a Development Server? I may be able to help out here if needed.



  4. Doug Hughes said:

    Thomas, I actually did secure a server. (An annoucment will be comming out soon.) However, I’m still interested in trying to find some more obscure testing servers. Something such as a solaris, etc.



  5. Peter Boughton said:

    Slightly OT: I tried to join the mailing list earlier but my subscribe request got replied to with a “you do not have permission…” message.
    Is there a bug with the list, or something I’m doing wrong?


  6. Peter Boughton said:

    (sorry, was sending the request to the wrong address)


  7. Doug Hughes said:

    Peter – See the instructions at the site below:


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