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At long last, Reactor has reached Beta Candidate 2. The API is feature complete and reasonably stable. I haven’t made any significant changes to the API in more than a month. Since the last major update I’ve been working on bug fixes and fine tuning the API to the point where it’s stable and useful.

Over the past few weeks I’ve focused on updating the existing documentation to be accurate with the current API. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time writing new documentation. It’s not nearly complete yet, but it’s coming along quite well. The XML configuration tags are all documented in detail now.

Adobe generously donated license of RoboHelp to the Reactor project and I’ve now converted all the documentation. This allows me to generate several different versions of the docs. You can see the current documentation here:

Note, if you get the documentation from subversion you will want to look under the /Documentation/Documentation/!SSL! folder. (Why? I don’t know, ask the RoboHelp programmers.)

As a note, with each major release I plan to update the documentation online, but not in between releases.

Before I reach a 1.0 release I will be putting together a nightly build system. This nightly build system will create a zip file for each build, which will make it much easier for those who don’t want to use SVN to get the latest and greatest code.

See this link for details on what’s changed in BC2:

This release has been tagged in Subversion as 1.0BC2.

The next step from here is Beta. Before I hit beta I want to have all of the documentation written, a unit testing and nightly build framework, and a project site (which might just turn out to be my trac site at

Once Reactor enters Beta the API will not change until after 1.0.

Please, download BC2 of Reactor and beat on it. If you find bugs or problems please log them to the bug tracker here:

If you have questions or concerns please send them to the mailing list. Here’s a link to instructions on joining the mailing list:

Comments on: "Reactor Reaches Beta Candidate 2 (BC2)!" (10)

  1. Jeff Lester said:

    Woohoo! Congrats Doug!

    *twirls his new years banger and blows on his squeaky whistle thingy*

    Long hard road to this Doug, but nowadays, I couldn’t live without this framework.



  2. Nick Tong said:

    Great – thanks for all your hard work Doug. The docs are looking really good.


  3. Sami Hoda said:



  4. Steven Forehand said:

    This is great stuff Doug! If we could just use it with Oracle… we could deploy across our entire enterprise. hint hint 🙂


  5. Doug Hughes said:

    Steven – Oracle support’s been in place for months. 91 and 10g! (and rdb too)


  6. Any chance of exporting a PDF from RoboHelp? 🙂 Thanks!


  7. Doug Hughes said:

    Damien – Eventually. 🙂


  8. barry.b said:

    the robohelp documentation is (IMHO) really well written and laid out.

    I just delivered a training session with it with great sucess.

    thanx Doug.


  9. Steven Forehand said:

    Oooops. Sorry Doug. That’ll teach me to comment for getting my hands dirty!


  10. Doug Hughes said:

    Bary – Thanks man! I do what I can. I just need to write more now.


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