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The Toronto ColdFusion user group has invited me to speak to their group about Reactor tomorrow, September 6th. Seeing as I’m inconveniently in North Carolina, I’m forced to give my presentation over Breeze.

I’ll be covering the basics of Reactor including:

  • A quick review of ORM techniques
  • What Reactor is and isn’t
  • Supported database servers
  • The Reactor API (briefly)
  • Some examples (in code)
  • Getting Started / Resources
  • Questions and Answers

If you’re not in Toronto and want to see the presentation you can sit in at the following URL:

I’m the second of two presentations. The first presentation is by Edward Apostol on integrating Flex 2 and ColdFusion.

Doors open at 6:30pm EST. The show starts at 7:30 pm and I’m scheduled to speak at 8:30.

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  1. Josen Ruiseco said:

    Will this be recorded and made available at a later time?


  2. Good job last night with the presentation. It was a nice intro for those who are not familiar with what reactor does and what functionality it fills. Any plans for a more advanced presentation? Keep up the great work, we LOVE reactor!


  3. Clayton Partridge said:

    Thanks again for the great presentation Doug.

    For those of you who missed it you can view the recorded breeze presentation here:


  4. Just a quick note to say thanks for the presentation, I’ve just found it on your blog. It’s given me the leg up I need to go try out Reactor!


  5. The link to the Breeze presentation comes up with the chat window, but no presentation (the rest of the screen is just the Flash blue-gray color? Any ideas?


  6. Doug Hughes said:

    Thomas – I’m sorry, I have no idea what might be wrong. Honestly, the url doesn’t work at all for me.



  7. ** Related to Reactor for Cold Fusion. ** You don’t have to add this to the blog, it’s F.Y.I. **

    Thanks for providing the Reactor Documentation and Software. I wish I could make it to your TACFUG presentation tonight but I have other obligations. I am enjoying the tutorial and trying to get it running on my systems. (WinXP and Linux FC5 on an AMD 64 bit)

    In your document you indicate that MySQL does not support default expressions. Near the popquiz, in “read a record”. Your example was for a date time. I do believe this feature has been available for a while, especially default values and default timestamps. (Datetime). But the documentation might not have been in place.

    There is a tool, phpMyAdmin that is the best I have seen for MySQL that can set this type of default up for you as well as many other things that can be done with MySQL where the documenation is .. less than obvious.

    Best of luck with the presentation and the project. Thanks again for providing it.

    Gary Fay


  8. Probably should edit these presentations to eliminate pauses, silence, and the time spent dinking around determining if the connection was up, down, broken, etc.. Appreciate the fact that it exists at all, but it’s pretty annoying to listen to…


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