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Reactor Mailing List Update

For a long time now, the reactor mailing list has worked on two email addresses, and Because Im moving from my current mail server to using Gtalk for Domains Im going to have to disable The mailing list should continue to work as it always has from

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  1. Aaron Roberson said:

    How does one subscribe to the mailing list?


  2. Aaron Roberson said:

    I gave lists[at] with a subject line of “subscribe reactor” and it worked. The online documentation does not mention lists[at] but after reading this post I put two and two together.


  3. Jeff Roberson said:

    How do you subscribe to the list. I have tried everything I can think of and it won’t let me. If you could send me an email I’d appreciate it.


  4. Rich Leach said:

    I tried to send this to and it got bounced back to me.

    Hi –

    I’m sure you’re already aware of this, but I was going through the tutorials in the help file, specifically “Configuring Relationships in Reactor”, found the error there, then visited the online groups, saw a reference to the online version of the help files (said to be most recent and up to date) but the same error also exists there:

    In the “Configuring Relationships in Reactor” section

    Doug’s code about 1/4 page down:

    “…My complete config file now looks like this:


    Is not correct, the … tags are missing, and when users copy and paste the code into their own .cfm files while following the tutorial CF errors by saying it can’t find the “getAddress()”…..

    Adding in the tags fixes it and allows the tutorial to continue.


    Rich Leach
    Advanced Certified Macromedia ColdFusion MX Developer


  5. Rich Leach said:

    my last post got the tags stripped out of it….

    I was referring to the reactor.xml file, and specifically the *object* tags are not enclosed with the necessary *objects* tags…. hope this helps!



  6. So is the mailing list down? Or does it not exist anymore?

    Is there a forum or group somewhere for reactor>


  7. Doug Hughes said:

    The most up to date instructions can be found here:


  8. agus setiawan said:

    Please I want to get your logo


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