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Update: Thanks to everyone who applied! This position has now been filled.

I’m happy to announce that Alagad Inc is ready to hire its first full time programmer. I’ve reached the limits of my ability to get things done and I need to hire the best developer I can to help with Alagad’s continued growth.

Though Alagad is a very small company, it’s not a new venture. I’ve been in business with Alagad since 1996 and have been profitable for several years. Since making it my full time commitment in 2005 the company has grown tremendously. I have dozens of projects (both contractual and internal) ongoing and lots of opportunities yet to be tapped.

Why You Should Work With Alagad

Because Alagad is so small I can’t offer the same benefits as larger companies. However, I do believe what I can offer is quite compelling.

Hourly Pay!

That’s right, hourly pay. If you work overtime you get paid for your overtime. How many of you senior developers out there work 60 hour (or more) per week and get paid for 40? Not at Alagad. You’re guaranteed to be busy for at least 40 hours a week and you’ll get paid for every hour extra you work. Your hourly rate will be determined based on a “salary” we agree on divided by 2080.

A nice thing about this that if you need to take time for a doctors appointment, or if you need some time to run to the post office, or if you need any time for any reason, you can simply take it. There’s no need to take a half day of paid time off just to see the dentist.

Paid Time Off

Starting immediately, you will begin accruing paid time off. Paid time off is calculated based on percentage of your salary and the hours you work. If you work a standard 40 hour week you’ll earn 1.5 days off per month, give or take. Because this is proportional to the time you work, any overtime will lead to more time off being accrued.

In a standard year you’d earn 144 hours off, or just over three and a half weeks off. However, note that any holidays you choose to take will come out of these hours. But, if you don’t want Columbus Day off you don’t need to take it!

Paid time off also accrues forever. If you work for Alagad for 10 years and never take a day off, then, I suppose, you could take a 180 day vacation. Or, when you quit you’ll get every penny of un-taken time in your last check.

However, because time off is proportional to what you earn big raises will actually lessen the time you’ve accrued to take off. Don’t worry though, it’s worth it.

Remote Work

Alagad has no central office. I work from my home office. You can work from the local mom-and-pop coffee shop, for all I care. All that matters to me is that you get your work done in a timely and professional manner.

Obviously, we’ve all got schedules. We’ll set yours so it works for everyone.

Oh, and because this is remote work I don’t care where you live. This job is open to anyone in the United States.

Health Insurance Stipend

Initially I’m not going to be offering any group health insurance plan. However, I will be offering a stipend of $200 per month if you’re single and $400 per month if you’re married. For those who have other health insurance options this might not matter. However, if you do need insurance, I’ll do what I can to help you get started with your individual plans.

The nice thing about this is that you can pick a plan that’s right for you and your family. My wife and I use Blue Cross Blue Shield. We’ve used Aetna in the past too. The $400 stipend is about half of our bill.

In the future, if employees want it, I’ll be looking into group plans. (Sadly, the one I wanted to use is not available in North Carolina!)

Future Benefits

In the future I’ll be putting together a 401k plan with matching for retirement savings.

I’m also considering various profit sharing ideas or bonus programs. I’ve not come up with any formal plan for this yet, but I plan to be generous.

Interested? Here’s What I’m Looking For

I’m in need of a senior developer. I’m looking for someone who has years of experience building enterprise applications. I need someone who can be very productive. You will be programming in ColdFusion most of the time. However, you’ll also be expected to be strong in SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and all the other standard web languages.

Because of the size of Alagad, I also need someone who’s a fairly strong Jack of All Trades. For example, you might receive artwork for a site in a PSD or JPEG file. In these cases I’ll need you to be able to do a good job slicing this artwork up into something that’s usable on the web. A nice, well rounded background will help with this. Any design background (however limited) or at least a confidence in your ability to make stuff look nice and be usable will be important.

For the most part you’ll be either working on current contracts or new development. Most projects will use Model-Glue, ColdSpring and Reactor on a daily basis. The ability to understand and write Object Oriented code is essential. There are also some older applications and tools that may need to be supported, but this will not usually be your responsibility.

The ideal person for the job will also be able to quickly pickup new tools and languages. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some J2EE or.NET work come up. All in all, you should be very proficient technically and have a demonstrated capability to pick up new tools and languages quickly. I’m also looking to expand into Flex development in the future, so any experience with this will be a big bonus.

Lastly, I need someone who talks and writes professionally. When you’re speaking with clients you must sound professional and intelligent. Additionally, you’ll be required to write one technical blog entry per week. Obviously you have to be coherent!

I’m looking for someone who can start around April 2nd, though I’m flexible.

Please follow these instructions when submitting your resume:

Please send your resume to: dhughes(at)

Please use a subject that includes the word “Avocado”. (Hey, we’ve got to have our fun somehow.) Bonus points for creativity. And, although your subject may be zany, I will be looking for professionalism in your cover letter and resume.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to email me at dhughes(at) I’ll try to answer all questions in a timely manner.

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  3. sounds enticing, good luck 🙂

    also as far as health insurance. I work for a small contractor now and they had us spec out insurance at I ended up with a blue cross ppo that is really competitive with what I had via a large corporation. I can say from my research that $200 is a really nice stipend for it too.


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