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I would like to take a moment to introduce Jeff Chastain, Alagad’s first employee. You may remember that roughly four weeks ago I blogged about an opening with Alagad. After many interviews with many highly talented individuals (which took up way more time than I anticipated) I extended an offer to Jeff, which he accepted.

Jeff distinguished himself in many ways during the application and interview processes. It’s hard to get into all the reasons why I decided to hire Jeff over some others (and I’m not even sure I should). What I will say is that, from the very first email, Jeff was very clear and direct and he illustrated to me that he knew what he was doing. On top of that Jeff struck me as not being too serious, while still being able to get the job done. I feel very confident that Jeff is the right guy for the job. In the words of Joel Spolsky, Jeff is smart and gets things done.

Later today Jeff will be posting his first blog entry here to introduce himself. Now that he’s started with Alagad he will be a regular poster here on

One of Jeff’s responsibilities will be to write at least one technical blog entry per week. has always been an unofficial bullhorn for Alagad. So, for now, we’ll be posting Alagad-sponsored blog entries here. Eventually we will consolidate the two domains into one shiny new website.

So, look to hear a lot more from myself and Jeff over the coming weeks and months as Alagad begins to grow and take a new shape. The future may well be very interesting!

(Oh, and keep your eye out for more job openings!)

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  1. John C. Begley said:

    Your father gave me an interview about 20 years ago while he was performing in “Da.”
    I had written him to say I learned that he had gone to Manhatan College as I did and wanted advice as to how to become an actor. As it was I never studied acting nor had any experience but wanted to know as I was “between jobs.”
    Ok, he could not help me but the encounter was very speciel for me. My daughter studies theatre at the Southport Congregationalist Church in Southport with Frank Root who was in the road co of “42nd ST.” Maybe I can get an intro for my daughter?.


  2. John C. Begley said:

    Also. I live in Fairfield, CT. If in the neighborhood, give a call. I am going to try to see “Doubt” as I went to parochial school in NYC.


  3. Doug Hughes said:

    John – I’ve got to be honest. I have no idea quite what you’re talking about. My dad is an professor in packaging at Michigan State University. I doubt he’d have much useful input regarding acting careers. Maybe you’ve got me confused with someone else?


  4. John c, Begley said:

    My daughter Sarah,age 16, is applying to colleges. Where did you go?


  5. Doug Hughes said:

    I went to a Community College in Lansing Michigan. (And I accidentally posted that last comment as Jeff Chastain.)


  6. Doug,

    What was your impossible question?


  7. Doug Hughes said:

    What is the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything?


  8. Jeff Chastain said:

    My name is: Jeff Chastain.

    What are people talking about?


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