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I am an Alagad-ian.

As of yesterday, I am the newest member of the Alagad team.Doug asked that I make a brief introduction as one of my first official acts (and then dumped some work on me, hence the delay).

Unlike Jeff Chastain, I am old enough to claim having a Commodore 64.Also, unlike Jeff, I have only been programming for about 7 years.Before cutting my teeth in web development, I spent about 12 years as a paramedic in New Jersey.

I have been programming in ColdFusion since version 5, I also have a bit of PHP experience (I dumped the devils language after discovering CF).I also would like to consider myself fairly adept in database design and programming.I would not yet consider myself to be a guru in terms of OO Programming, but I am getting thereI think.I have become somewhat of a zealot for table-less, CSS based, layouts and accessibility.Lastly, I have recently developed quite the love affair with Flex, and her half-sister Apollo Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).

Id like to say I am excited to be joining the Alagad team and look forward to helping to do wonderful things for and with the company.

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  1. todd sharp said:

    +1 for the C64! Load “*.*” Ready Run


  2. 10 print “C64s are KOOL!”
    20 goto 10


  3. Tim Morton said:

    Congrats on the new gig.


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