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Heading Out to CFUnited

I’m headed out within the next few hours on a 6 hour drive up to Maryland for the CFUnited conference. Although I’ll be attending a few sessions, my main motive is not educational this year. Instead, I’ll be up there looking to drum up business and “pressing the flesh”.

If you or your company have a need for some world-class ColdFusion or Flex consulting please look for either myself or Scott Stroz. We’ll be happy to discuss whatever is on you mind!
I hope to see you at CFunited.

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  1. Joe Rinehart said:

    6 hour drive? Man, put your foot down, I make it in just under 5! 🙂


  2. Doug Hughes said:

    I’m Grandpa Doug when I drive.

    I guess I like the open road or something.


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