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Adobe has released the latest version of ColdFusion, ColdFusion 8 (Scorpio) today. After a lot of testing, it is finally ready to go. This release marks yet another big step in the continued growth of one of the best application development languages out there.

So what is so great about this version? For me, it is the fact that there is nothing really big in it. If you look at the release notes and new features lists, there is tons of new stuff there, but it is all fairly small – a new tag here and there type thing. Instead of some really big, grand new feature set, Adobe has focused on what developer’s have been saying and asking for – and they have delivered. There are so many little things that will make it much easier and faster to develop powerful applications using ColdFusion.

So, if you have not heard of ColdFusion before or of ColdFusion 8, jump over to Adobe and take a look. It is quite impressive.

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  1. Karl Snyder said:

    We had 4 of the Scorpio Development folks from India at our Bangalore office mid February when I was in India. Well my trip was horrible (due to being hospitalized there) but Scorpio was very cool and we enjoyed the visit from Adobe, they sent some very sharp folks! My team hammered them pretty good about some of the issues that we had with ColdFusion and the Adobe team addressed every issue with 8 as the solution.

    During this visit we actually ran a Scorpio 8 pre-release server and looked at some of the new features in action. We also had the opportunity at that tim to take Scorpio places of our choice and it worked out pretty bug free. Our team was very impressed but I think our Senior Developers got the most benefit out of the visit. We recieved furthur benefit out of this visit when I tried to signup for the Pre Release program. I had many problems and delays with the website and I contacted one of the crew that we met in Bangalore and he got me in the backdoor and my account was up and running. They guys were great!

    Some of my favorite parts of CF 8:

    – Server Monitoring alerts and you can now access the slow threads. Yeah!
    – Array and Structure declaration improvements.

    During my visit to India I got some links from the Adobe team. So yeah, we all probably have Ben’s and Ray’s links but the rest you may want to check out and add to your collection.

    Ben Forta
    Damon Cooper
    Ashwin Mathew –
    Rupesh Kumar –
    Tim Buntel –
    Ray Camden –


  2. Roman Savchyn said:

    Hey, ColdFusion 8 has all functionality of “Alagad Image Component”! I think that is worth to be mentioned here 😉
    And multi-threading is really “something big”.


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