The amazing adventures of Doug Hughes

I think the greatest version of ColdFusion ever was 1.54; why because I cut my teeth on that, how many other dbmlers are out there? The original lingua- franca of ColdFusion was .dbml of course, now I am showing my age in blog years!

It is an incredible privilege to be working with Dough Hughes, Critter, Jeff, Scott et al at Alagad. Collectively they have contributed so much to the CF community that I am part of, now hopefully its my turn to contribute. I will be putting together articles more related to that grubby-dirty engine room, it is where I belong after all. The network, web servers, the database servers, the directory servers, the JVM and if Im lucky enough they might even let me crawl up to the CF Server Admin! Its amazing that there are so few meaty articles about these things and how CF-JRun relate to them.

Anyway, enough blather-y writing, its time to start real writing.

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  1. Rey Bango said:

    Congrats Mike. While I don’t know you personally, from reading Doug’s description, it sounds like Alagad picked up a hell of a resource. Good luck!


  2. Old CFart said:



    My HTML editor of choice back then was notepad.




    A few sites with links, havent found a working one yet!


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