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Welcome to Alagad, Jared!

As many people may have already noticed, Alagad has hired Jared Rypka-Hauer to join our team. As with the rest of our team, Jared is an exceptional talent and were lucky to have him on board.

For those who don’t already know Jared, he’s the brains and brawn behind the CF.Objective conference and a rabid contributor to the ColdFusion and Adobe Toolset community.

In particular, Jared will help strengthen our (already significant) ability to deliver advanced Flex and Air applications. Jared is also a fantastic resource as far as ColdFusion, frameworks and application architecture are concerned.

As with Alagads other employees, Jared will continue to have a very active role in the ColdFusion community. Expect frequent blogging, talking, training, running of CF.Objective, and more. Before long, I expect Jared to post his first blog entry here as we quickly get him up to speed.

Welcome to the team, Jared!

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  1. Welcome aboard, mate 🙂


  2. That is some team you have put together Doug, congrats!


  3. Doug Hughes said:

    @Dan – Thanks! I’m excited by the possibilities.


  4. I think the fact that Universal Mind made it into the Fortune Top 500 says an immense amount about the importance that web applications occupy in the general business world. It is humbling for me to work with such talent as here at Alagad and Jared is just an immense addition to that pool.


  5. Jared Rypka-Hauer said:

    Wow… I know this is gonna sound corny, but I see myself as, well, “just ziss guy, you know?” so all this talk of “immense additions” and “powerful teams” is a bit humbling. I’m supposed to write an intro post for the Alagad blog, so I’ll save some more that I have to say for that post…

    Just wanted to say I look forward to working Doug, Scott, Jeff, Mike and Critter… who knows who else we’ll add to the list eventually.

    Here’s to the fun, busy, crazy days ahead.


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