The amazing adventures of Doug Hughes

During the day 1 keynote at Adobe MAX, work done by the Alagad team was presented on-stage by Ben Forta and Scott Fegette. The Alagad team had been asked to help Adobe do some enhancements for the UnitedWay Volunteerism website. Alagad made quick work of the tasks and was able to deliver an enhanced feature set hilighting some of the new ColdFusion 8 Flex integration and AJAX features.

The project culminated in a pre-MAX deployment of the new features to http://volunteer.unitedway.organd the work done on behalf of the UnitedWay being presented on-stage at MAX in front of over 4,000 people.

The presentation, while short, displayed the use of new Dreamweaver CS3 to apply AJAX features to a ColdFusion page and the use of ColdFusion to provide improved workflow for the production of graphical assets on the fly.The response from the audience was gratifying as the crowd applauded a Flex application that creates JPEG images directly from a Flex bitmap byte-array using ColdFusion, Flex, AJAX and the new MXML compiler built-in to ColdFusion 8.

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