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Over the last few years, Alagad has grown tremendously. In terms of staff, we’ve grown 350% so far this year alone. Next year I plan to quadruple in size again. Our growth can be attributed almost completely to referrals from the tech community and people like you. We’ve very fortunate that way. In an attempt to pay back these business-sustaining favors, I wanted to announce the Alagad Affiliate Program.If you refer a client to Alagad and Alagad ends up working with that client, we will pay you one dollar an hour for each hour we get paid for from the first two contracts with that client.So, if you refer a client to Alagad, and Alagad ends up doing a thousand hours of work for this client over two contracts, you’ll make a cool grand, just for some good words. There are a few simple rules for this program:

  1. You must to notify us via the Contact Us form when you make a referral. Tell us who you referred and when. We’ll make note of it and, if we end up contracting with that client, we’ll contact you to arrange for us to start mailing checks to you.
  2. The client must contact Alagad within two weeks of the referral for it to be valid.
  3. The first referral wins. If you refer someone to us who someone else has already referred (within the last two weeks), the other referrer will be paid. We’ll determine this based on the first notification we receive.

Also, there are some people who frequently refer work to us who are not in a position to be paid this commission. In this case, you may designate a charity you would like to receive your commission on your behalf.I assume there will be a few questions about this program. Once those have been ironed out I’ll post a page to the site with more details. Please send any other question you might have in the comments section below.

Comments on: "The Alagad Affiliate Program – or – Money For You!" (4)

  1. Michael Dinowitz said:

    What about custom (non-Google) ads that point directly to Alagad? An ad on House of Fusion can be seen by 1.5 million unique people a year which could either make me rich or overload you with work. 🙂


  2. Doug Hughes said:

    Michael – Any way to tie that into this affiliate program? Adds on HOF that lead to contracts with Alagad get paid according to the same rules. What do you think?


  3. Michael Dinowitz said:

    Works for me. The question is in identification. I can point an ad directly to the contact form ( but will my website or an ID be associated with the form? What if they don’t use the form but instead call?


  4. Doug Hughes said:

    Michael – There are a couple options here, none of which are perfect. We could do a standard link which identifies you as the source and notifies me when people contact us via the email form. I also always try to find out where people find out about Alagad… If they say an ad on HOF then you win (assuming it wasn’t someone else’s recomendation). Lastly, if someone is logged in and clicks on an ad you could log that and send a daily report i could review. And heck if it works well but it seems like you’re not getting all the commision you may be earning then we can negotiate a different rate at another time. What do you think?


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