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Customized FarCry Install

The first entry in my FarCry series will discuss how we set up a custom installation of FarCry, or more specifically, our site.

First, a little background. We followed the install instructions here, however, something about the default directory structure didn’t sit well with us. The one big issue is that, by default, all your ‘projects’ or sites that will use FarCry, are stored in a directory under the main FarCry directory. What we didn’t like about this is that it makes it difficult to seperate out your FarCry code base and your projects into subversion repos. In my specific case, I had personal FarCry sites I am working on using the same FarCry code base, which made it even more difficult to seperate out the code into different repos.

The solution to this issue was actaully quite simple, however, it does require another ColdFusion mapping. In the default installation, you need to create a ColdFusion mapping named ‘farcry’ pointing to the main FarCry directory. In this installation, FarCry expects that your project, let’s say the project is called ‘farcryTest’, will exist in the directory /farCry/projects/farcryTest. The way around the issues outlined above is to move your project into its own directory and create a ColdFusion mapping named ‘/farcry/projects/farCrytest‘ and point it to you project’s main folder. That may look strange, but ColdFusion allows you to create mappings this way. This allowed us to get around the ‘dependancy’ of having your projects stored inside the FarCry directory.

Most people might not have a need for this type of installation, but we may have more than one FarCry site running on the same server. This allows us to easily manage each project (site), as well as maintain the FarCry code base seperately from each other.

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  1. Matt Williams said:

    Did you try / would it work with just “/farcry/projects” that points to the parent directory of you various sites?

    Theoretically, then you wouldn’t need a mapping per site, but just for that projects folder. Of course this assumes/requires your various sites are under the same directory.


  2. Scott Stroz said:

    Matt – that would work as well. However, I prefer to keep each site/project/client in their own separate space, and try to have similar directory structures for each client.


  3. Rune Pedersen said:

    Im not sure if I understand you FarCry configuration. We have a VPS (MS 2003, IIS) that we have installed FarCry (4.0.9) on. I have tried several configurations for FarCry to share a single core framework and library of plugins and run several web sites on the same server. Get one FarCry site up and running works fine, but if I install another one at the same server it kills the 1 st installation. Each site must have its own unique mapping for the framework ie. How to setup several mappings under CF for FarCry? Hope anyone can give me an example how to setup FarCry to share a single core framework and several sites / projects on the same server, example myproject1 and myproject2.


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