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This is very much an OT post but I just thought I would share what I think is a really neat piece of technology from Apple and Nike. I walk a lot when I have time, the furthest I have walked non-stop so far is 27 miles, just one over a marathon when I think about it. This is on a beach path which starts effectively in Hermosa Beach CA and goes on for a good few miles North.

Recently I purchased a new pair of Nike running shoes, Shox Turbo V+ if anyone is interested. It turns out that equipped with a an iPod Nano and a sports pod created in partnership with Nikewe can now get feedback on the time taken, distance ran or walked, the rate (how long it would take to walk a mile) and with some tweaking calories burned.The signal is shoe to a small dongle plugged into the Nano. In additionwe can get spoken commentary as to the status of the run-walk at any time and of course also play music or videos, try not to walk off a cliff whilst watching videos though. There is also a website where we can then upload and store results and set goals etc.

Ibelieve this to be a great use of technology; to produce something that hopefully encourages more exercise, which has to be a good thing.

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  1. I’m working on a coldfusion component that will allow you to access your stats as well. It should be posted on riaforge next week.


  2. Mike Brunt said:

    That sounds great and I look forward to that what a combination, ColdFusion, Apple and Nike; thanks for letting us know.


  3. crap


  4. damn!


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