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Alagad recently launched a new corporate website.  (Not like we’ve kept this a secret or anything.)  As a part of this launch we’ve begun the process of introducing Alagad training programs.  A few people have noticed and asked us for more information.  So, here’s a quick rundown.

So far, we’ve only announced one program, Enterprise ColdFusion with Model-Glue.  We’ll be introducing more before long.

The Enterprise ColdFusion with Model-Glue training class is a four day, hands on, class taught.  Those who attend will get a wide range of materials which should be of use to teams who are contemplating moving to Model-Glue.  We cover everything from the basics (and details) of CFCs to the Model-Glue framework in depth, to other supporting technologies including CFCUnit and ColdSpring.

Check here for more details on the class.

We can deliver this class either onsite or offsite.  We already have a few instances of this class scheduled at client facilities for early next year.

This leads me to my question to you: Where should Alagad hold offsite classes?

I have been considering the DC metro area, Chicago or Detroit, somewhere around the Bay Area in California, and Denver.  Do you have any other suggestions? 

I’m also open to training overseas.  As far as I know there’s no one else doing this.  I’m happy to fill this void and travel wherever I’m needed.

Over the next year I hope to introduce some other classes too.  Is there a training class that’s missing in the industry?  Do you want to learn more about ColdSpring or Mach-II?  Server Tuning?  Maybe Ajax technologies?  Anything else come to mind?

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  1. When do you plan do hold onsite trainings?


  2. Doug Hughes said:

    @Charlie –

    So long as a I have enough lead time, I can hold the trainings almost whenever.

    As for the off-site training, I plan to hold the quarterly.


  3. Are you gonna set a schedule for the Enterprise MG training soon? What about costs?



  4. Doug Hughes said:

    I’m thinking the first off-site training class will be in early February 2008 in the DC Metro area.

    I was hoping to get a little more feedback on where people like like to see this training.


  5. W.R.Vishnuprasad said:


    I am Vishnu Coldfusion developer from india . As part of promoting Coldfusion india we group of cf developers planned to give free training on coldfusion and give project to them and release the project as opensource.

    We would like to give trainig in model-glue framework too , for that we need to same presentaion and sample code

    Can Alagad provide us the meterials ?


  6. Denver! And yea – some server tuning basics could be a very good thing.


  7. Doug Hughes said:

    @All – The first off-site training program has been announced here:

    Thanks for the support an interest.


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