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I don’t typically watch recorded presentations because I’m easily bored and often pretty busy… but this one caught my eye, mostly because MG:Flex was going to be reviewed.

First thing of note: they didn’t give high marks to MG:Flex yet, but they said to keep a strong eye on it because they found the concepts to be interesting and the framework to be worth taking note of. It was cool to see someone "outside the family" comment on work done by "one of us"… good job Joe!

Second thing of note: they give a really good (if very high-level) overview of Flex frameworks that will challenge your notions… and the presentation is scattered with some other interesting technical discussion and the QA section at the end is fascinating. It may irritate you, it may challenge your notions, it may make you think. The only thing I can say is that it wasn’t a waste of my time.

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  1. FYI. Most could skip the first 10 minutes… just these guys talking about themselves and some of the terminology.

    In their opinion, only Caringorm and PureMVC are worthwhile. They say it’s for various reasons, but it all points to how long the frameworks have been around. They cite all the others as ‘too immature’. Half the ones the talked about don’t really exist. In fact, one just exists as a concept in a single blog entry.


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