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In my opinion, one of the least discussed but more useful features of ColdFusion 8 is the easy integration with Microsoft Exchange Server. Without having to navigate through the quagmire that is the Exchange LDAP directory structure, you can easily retrieve and manage mail messages, calendar events, contacts and tasks.

There are several projects I have worked on where this functionality would have been a blessing. In a recent article on Adobe Developer’s Center, I discuss one project which needed Exchange connectivity, and what I wold have done differntly using ColdFusion 8. Check out the article to see if it sparks some ideas for Microsoft Exchange integration.

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  1. Scott, thanks for the excellent article on CF8 Exchange. One question: I’d like to be able to query by exchange distribution list name and get back the members of that distribution list. Is that possible with CF8?


  2. Scott Stroz said:

    @Don – I am not sure, but I will look into it and post back here with anything I find.


  3. Scott Stroz said:

    @Don – I spent sometime trying to investigate this, and it seems that there is no way to retrieve the members of a distribution list.


  4. Thank you Scott. I appreciate you looking into it. It would be nice enhancement to cfexchange. Something like , instead of just contact.



  5. Joe Gautreau said:

    Can you use the new cfexchange tags to access the Global Address List in Exchange?


  6. Jeremy Gaddis said:


    Very late response here, but you should be able to do it with CFLDAP (hint: “members” attribute).


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