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Will 2008 Be A-HA Year?

Well I always thought Aha from Norway were vastly underrated, they made and I am sure still make incredible music but that is not the focus of this blog piece. I am here in Heathrow Airport waiting to fly back to LA and am fired with all sorts of a-HA thoughts for 2008.

It looks as I will be presenting at CFObjective on Clustering CF and JRun so I am excited about that. I have to acknowledge the trailblazers on that front though, Frank DeRienzo, Brandon Purcell, Steven Erat and Dave Gruber. Back in the days, Allaire saw the coming need for Clustering and bought a small but very significant company called “Bright Tiger” based up in New Hampshire, if I remember that right.

Frank DeRienzo and Dave Gruber both worked there and out of that came “Cluster Cats” and almost “Harvest”. Frank DeRienzo gave what I think was the most arduous boot-camp on Clustering CF in Washington DC in 2000. I have slightly digressed here but I do believe that it would be good for the CF developer community overall to become more aware of High-Availability (HA) and all that is entailed.

A Happy New Year to all by the way.

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  1. Sean Corfield said:

    A Ha? A Ha? A Happy Birthday to Toby!

    (I suspect you may be the only other person in the CF world to get that reference 🙂


  2. Larry C. Lyons said:

    And here I was thinking that I was one of the few who felt A-HA were one of the more underrated groups. I still think that the videos for Take on Me and Blue Sky are brilliant pieces of animation.

    BTW I was in the same session on Clustering back at DevCon 2000. Thank goodness its so much easier to do clustering now.


  3. Mike Brunt said:

    Hiya Sean and Happy New Year to you and yours; here’s to a great 2008.


  4. Mike Brunt said:

    Larry, interesting you were at that 2000 session Frank D was very knowledgeable on all aspects of clustering not only the CF bit.

    Yes those Aha videos were excellent. Happy New Year btw.


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