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Alagad provides a range of website and web application development services to companies of all sizes. At Alagad we never sit still. We’re constantly creating web sites, applications, tools and more. And when we’re not doing that, we’re writing presentations and contributing to open source projects.

Last year our company grew by 300%. We are on track for similar or better growth this year. Additionally, one of our primary competitors was listed on the INC500 fastest growing companies for 2007. We’re a smaller company right now, but we believe we can do anything they can do better. There’s no reason we can’t have similar growth. This would be strongly driven by you. This years sales goals are currently more than $1,000,000.

Senior Technical Sales Representative

We are in need of a highly talented and well connected sales person to sell internet applications, web development services and technical training to customers of all sizes, including the government. The ideal candidate will have a strong familiarity with Adobe development technologies including ColdFusion, Flex, Air and Livecycle. They will also have sold complex internet applications built using these tools in previous jobs.

The position is a telecommuting job. We don’t care where you’re located in the US. We don’t care where you work during the day. All we care is that we can reach you and that you consistently produce excellent results. You should be comfortable working remotely though. We frequently use Google Apps, Adobe Connect, and Instant Messaging for communication.

Our company makes a habit of hiring some of the best people in the Adobe toolset niche. We can do this because we have no central offices and very low overhead. We can afford to pay above average for the most talented programmers. We believe our reputation will be an asset when selling our services.

When you join us you will be the first sales person here. Historically, we’ve grown through word of mouth. Seeing as we’re very well connected with the community of developers who use the same technologies as we do, we tend to get a fair number of referrals. This should help you get started, but we want you to take us beyond the word of mouth marketing and into new opportunities that would not have necessarily fallen in our laps by themselves.

We will favor candidates who have worked in technical sales at other competing or similar companies with related expertise.


We have a very open an connected culture here. The company regularly reviews our goals and the company’s financial status with its employees. You will be constantly informed of where we are. At the moment the company is targeting 20% profit for this year. If this works out as planned then in late 2008 or early 2009 we will begin a profit sharing plan across all company employees which will be beyond your salary and commission.

The position will be paid with a base plus commission. You should be aware that our employees are paid hourly here. What that means is that if you work more than 40 hours per week we’ll pay your for your extra time. There’s no reason you should not be able to accomplish 40 hours of work in a week. Some of our employees have even elected to work 60 hour weeks.

At our company you will earn PTO according to the number of hours you work. For each hour you work an additional 7.5% that goes into your PTO account. This means that in an average 160 hour month you’ll earn 12 hours of PTO. And, because this is calculated based on the number of hours you work, the more you work, the more you get in PTO.

You can take your PTO whenever you want or you can collect it in cash. PTO time never expires. We quite literally put this time in the bank for you. You can collect PTO for your entire career with Alagad. When you leave you’ll get any left over time in your final check.

Also, you should be aware that we do not offer any standard holidays off. These are already factored into your PTO. We’re allowing you to take whichever days you want off and to work whichever days you wish to.

We also have a generous collection of benefits. We offer heath, vision and dental insurance, flex spending accounts, 401k (we don’t match yet – but will soon), 529 college savings plan, training programs, life insurance, adoption assistance, and more.

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