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Tonight, Wednesday February 20, 2008, I will be presenting to the San Diego Adobe-ColdFusion User Group on all things relating to the JVM and in particular the Sun JVM that ships with CF. I realize this may sound unappealing and lacking some of the zap that other items might have, such as the Flex-Air Roadshow but the JVM is not just at the heart of ColdFusion, but many other Adobe products such as FlexDS, BlazeDS, Connect, Jrun etc. My experience is a good understanding of the JVM is key to optimizing performance. Here is the official link.

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  1. Dan Sorensen said:

    I wish I could attend! (Too far away) That sounds very intriguing. I’ve appreciated your posts on the JVM and tuning.


  2. @Dan, thanks for your kind comment Dan; where are you actually located?


  3. Joel Grimes said:

    I attended the meeting last night and would like to say thanks for the valuable info.


  4. Dan Sorensen said:

    I’m located up in Portland, Oregon.


  5. @Joel, thank you so much for your kind comments. It is always difficult to garner interest in what appears to be a dry boring subject but once you are into how to tune and understand the JVM, it is actually fascinating and can be very rewarding.
    @Dan, we actually tried to set up a Connect version but unfortunately failed to do so. I beleive the User Group will post the PPT though.


  6. charlie arehart said:

    Hey Mike,we’d welcome having you (or any of the Alagad chaps) on the online CF meetup. That way your talk could be recordd for posterity, since it’s an online only CFUG. More at


  7. Mike Brunt said:

    @Charlie, thanks for that prompter, I will pass your comments on to Doug Hughes. Of course it would be a pleasure to present Charlie, I will check things out and then get back to you.


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