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It’s not yet common knowledge, but Teratech has kindly invited me to give a one day class on Model-Glue before CFUnited 08. I’ll be giving an abbreviated version of my four day Enterprise ColdFusion with Model-Glue class.

Up to this point, the class description has been a bit vague. However, here are the details of the class:

Model-Glue is a fantastic framework for creating robust and maintainable applications using the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern. Unfortunately, it can be quite challenging for a programmer to learn how to be productive with such a framework without prior experience.

Luckily, Doug Hughes, a member of Team Model-Glue has been working with Model-Glue since version 0.4 and has advised and assisted with the development of the framework.

This class will cover a range of topics including:

  • Foundational concepts including a comparison of traditional development techniques to techniques employed with Model-Glue.
  • An Introduction to the Model-Glue framework. We’ll learn how to configure the framework and about the structure of a standard Model-Glue application.
  • From there we’ll dive in head first and learn the details of event handlers, controllers, and other important details.
  • Towards the end of the class we’ll cover some important details regarding Service Oriented Architecture using ColdSpring and advanced Model-Glue features.

You should take this class if…

  • you want to learn how to build more robust applications which are easier to maintain.
  • you want to build more easily maintainable applications.
  • you want to lower the total cost of ownership of your applications.
  • you want to use a system which helps to facilitate team development.
  • you want to build applications using Object Oriented techniques.
  • you want to learn about some common design patterns.
  • you’ve started down the road with Model-Glue and could use a hand getting up to speed.
  • you want to learn an extremely valuable job skill. Many companies are looking for developers who know how to work with Model-Glue and they pay a premium for this experience.

To succeed with this class you need to have experience working with CFCs. In particular, you should understand the basic syntax of CFCs. Knowledge of best practices with CFCs would be helpful as there will be no review of this in the class.

At only $449 this class is an absolute steal. Register now!

I hope to see you in the class!

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