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Alagad Needs You!

This is a quick blog entry to call out to the Flex and ColdFusion community. If youre looking for contract work, we have some that you might be interested in.

Firstly, we have a ColdFusion project were working to secure which we need to staff with a full time programmer with Model-Glue and ColdSpring expertise though the end of December.

Secondly, we have a Flex project were working to secure which would be going live on August 1st. This project is a refactoring of an existing application into a Flex framework such as Cairngorm or EasyMVC and then building new features on top of the application. The backend for this project is ColdFusion.

Thirdly, as Jeff blogged earlier today, we need help from an Interface Architect on a project. Please see Jeffs entry for more details.

If youre interested in either of the first two opportunities please send me an email at with any questions or thoughts you might have.

If youre interested in the third opportunity please contact Jeff at

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