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Here at Alagad, we typically use an “interface driven architecture” process when building applications. In other words, we start with the user interface of the application and get it completely finished before developing any of the backend architecture and databases. This allows us to easily make changes when the client sees something they don’t like without having to make changes to the object model, service layer, database structure, etc.

However, we are currently working on a project which has very little existing design to work from and one of the biggest goals of the project is to increase end user usability. So, I am proposing to the client that we enlist the services of a professional interface architect – somebody whose focus is application usability and design, not necessarily programming. The problem is, we don’t have anybody on staff that has this skill set to the level needed. This is where we need your help. Are you an interface architect or do you know anybody that you could refer? If so, please drop me a line at jchastain at alagad dot com.


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