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I came back from lunch today to find a pleasant surprise sitting in my IM client. Dan Wilson, programmer and CFUG manager extraordinaire, had sent me URLs for the Triangle Area ColdFusion User Group’s calendar of events!

Just a week ago I had been bemoaning the fact with Dan that I never know when things are going on. I don’t make a habit of going to the user group’s website and I had avoided signing up for the mailing list so I pretty much was out of the loop.

This calendar should give me fewer reasons not to show up to these events. Other user group managers should make a note of this. All Dan did was create a new calendar in Google Calendar and make it public. All I did was add it to my Google Calendar.

For those of you who want the TACFUG calendar URLs, here you go:




Also, Dan Wilson and Jim Priest had a the great idea of organizing a cflunch! What is that, you may ask? Well, it’s an informal gathering where user group members can congregate and have an unstructured lunch. Why are we always so focused on presentations when something informal like this can sometimes be just as valuable?

As for me, I’ll be there! (Especially with the new calendar to help me.)

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