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A couple of people asked me to post my presentation and sample code for the Advanced Model-Glue session I gave at WebManiacs. As such, they are attached to this blog entry.

Youll need both Model-Glue and Reactor for the sample application to work.

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  1. John Allen said:

    Thanks for a great presentation! ModelGlue.OnQueComplete… wished i never missed that one.


  2. Fernando Lopez said:

    I may be doing something wrong but I can’t figure out how to see the presentation from the files I downloaded.

    I can get to the Advanced MGWebManiacs08documents folder but I get lost from there.

    What’s the file I should be opening to see the presentation?

    I’m running Windows XP.



  3. Doug Hughes said:

    @Fernando – My mistake, I provided the keynote files and forgot to include a PPT version. I’ve updated the zip if you would like to try again.


  4. Fernando Lopez said:

    I saw those MAC folders and I thought the presentation was only viewable on a Mac…

    I downloaded the zip again and the PPT is there, thanks again.


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