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We have blogged many times around items related to clustering and high availability, as it relates to ColdFusion-JRun. In addition, I have been to several clients who broughtAlagad in because they wanted to improve application performance and where if ColdFusion Enterprise is installedthis often eventually involved clustering CF. So we have decided we are going to make all things relating to HA into a bootcamp style training offering. I worked on the theory of this coming back to LA from Webmaniacs in DC and there is no doubt in my mind that we can structure a one day class which would be based on my field work and intensely hands-on andwhich would involved the following:

  • Understanding the workingsClustering in CF-Jrun
  • Analyzing the effects of load testing in clusteredand non-clustered environments, the differences etc.
  • Hands-on installation of ColdFusion including the creation of a master instance.
  • Hands-on creation of instances and a cluster.
  • Hands-on installation of SeeFusion for monitoring tests.
  • Hands-on installation of aCF application and connecting to a web server with the web server configuration tool.
  • Hands-on creation of a load test script which will be run both against a single instance and a cluster.
  • Tuning of CF as the tests progress and analysis of logs.

As we already have a good deal of material we are looking to offer this initially around the time of CF United 2008 (June 18 – June 21st 2008). This will be a very practical and hands-on offering. More news on this soon. By the way, thank you to all those who attended my class at Webmaniacs, Mark Kruger kindly blogged about that here.

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  1. Gary Fenton said:

    Nice idea, but what about people who can’t get to the same part of the planet as you. I think there’s mileage in an e-book or a series of recorded webcasts. 🙂


  2. Mike Brunt said:

    @Gary, I agree with you that location based training has a limit in terms of who can attend and I am mulling that over. Thanks for your comment.


  3. Andy Allan said:

    @Gary: This is something Fuzzy Orange already offer here in the UK.

    @Mike: I spoke to Doug whilst he was over here at Scotch about the potential of some cross Atlantic “sharing”.

    I think we could definitely get some time together and discuss really pushing the Clustering side of things for CF.


  4. Mike Brunt said:

    @Andy things changed a little. I left Alagad as Doug decided he wanted to focus efforts more on core development activities so I am now running the server side of the business myself. The boot camp never went forward however it is certainly something I would like to explore further. I will be at cfdevcon in Brighton in September 2008.


  5. Steve Drucker said:

    Mike – I’m creating a similar class at Fig Leaf to the one you describe. We’re launching it on Aug 21. The outline is located here:

    We’ve already got hands-on walkthroughs developed for installing multiple CF instances into a cluster. Would you be interested in reviewing the material? I expect that we could have something semi-polished to you as early as Monday, Aug 4.


  6. Mike Brunt said:

    @Steve yes of course I would be delighted to review the material and I am glad to hear you are doing this it is sorely missing from community training offerings. I have been trying to launch something like this since my days at Webapper but I think it needs a FigLeaf to move this forward as you are already synonymous with training offerings. As I mentioned here I am not with Alagad any more and am now independent . You can get me directly here – go2riamb AT gmail DOT com


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